Bio-Marine Complex

Sea algae growing on rocks, shores, and deep dark waters has evolved to develop a wealth of minerals and vitamins that helps it thrive in a rough ecosystem: winter storms, waves, wind, and extreme UV rays. Algae has become in recent years what is known as a ‘Super Food’. Algae living in deep oceanic environments tend to struggle for the energy to survive. To do so it has evolved the ability to reserve a high concentration of a wide variety of health-sustaining ingredients ranging from omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, and more.


Its highly desirable properties and abundant availability is a perfect combination to allow us to extract the best ingredients our hair needs to protect and maintain its health and youth.
AlgaNord 5™ complex employs anti-aging active extracts from a proprietary combination of "super algae". Algae has adapted to harsh environments by producing nutrients that will allow them to survive and thrive despite the rough environmental conditions.

Cocktail of Life

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Red seaweed tends to live in deep oceanic environments, struggling for energy and optimization of biochemical reactions. This seaweed has the ability to accumulate minerals from the ocean. The complex - brings trace elements and enables incorporation of sulfur amino acids into hair.

Ca Mn Active
Silicium Zn
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A red seaweed (Chondrus Crispus) that lives in deep water and is exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Contains specific membrane shielding properties that enable it to survive and protect cells from all kinds of aggressions.
Best for treating fragile and damaged (dull or dry) hair. Mechanical stresses (combing/ brushing, blow-dry), chemical stresses, environmental stresses and physiological stresses.

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Red seaweed grows in the sub-tidal region of the tropics, mainly in the warm waters of Senegal, contains specific carrageenan and polysaccharides that can be compared to the mesh of a net. With properties that help shield from damage by forming a durable protective coating, this product is best for treating chemically damaged or ethnic hair. Works wonders for hair with a natural tendency for fragility, unruly, and tangled hair.

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Brown seaweed from the bays of the Brittany coasts in northern France. Thriving in a rough eco-system (winter storms, waves, wind) it can grow more than two meters in length. Its web of elastic fibers is made up of proteins and phycopolysaccharides that preserve the tissues integrity against compression, ensuring firmness, and resilience of new cells. With exceptional bio-memetic effect, the seaweed is able to play a similar role with hair, like the fiber and elastin within our skin. This product is best for treating environmental aggressions & stresses (wind, sun, cold, air conditioning, smoke, air pollution) and suitable for dry, curly & wavy hair.

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A blend of Pelvetia Canaliculata and Laminaria Digitata extracts. Pelvetia Canaliculata is brown algae found on the rocks of the upper shores of Europe and the extract has been proven to have relaxing, stimulating, and cleansing properties. Laminaria digitata is large brown algae found in the sublittoral zone of the northern Atlantic Ocean and the extract is renowned for its stimulating properties and its regulation of sebum flow. Best for treating temporary hair loss, thinning, fragile and dry hair.