L'Alga SeaBoost



Moisturizes, smooths, revitalizes and balances the hair and scalp. Restores damaged hair shaft and closes the cuticle for youthful and healthier hair.

With AlgaNord 5β„’ complex

The lasting, weightless moisturizer SEABOOST CONDITIONER combines AlgaNord 5β„’ bio-technology complex with deep hydrating reconstructive ingredients, Biotin, and protective vitamin B complex to balance the hair and reinforce the inner strength of each strand. This extra-rich conditioner tames and softens even the coarsest locks with a unique blend of algae extracts. Replenishes moisture, energizes, and balances the hair while promoting scalp circulation. Instantly restores damaged hair so it appears more youthful, smooth, frizz-free and healthy after every wash.

Use: comb, leave in for at least 3 minutes, rinse.

Sulfates and Parabens free. Alcohol free.

Size 100 ML 250 ML 1000 ML